what is the best fertilizer for a lemon tree

Lemon trees can be a great part of the landscaping feature and will eventually give off lemons. The trees are pleasant to look at and they are strong tress. With the proper fertilization, this tree can thrive. These are some of the best fertilizers for a lemon tree.

Things to Look for in a Fertilizer

When looking for a lemon tree fertilizer some things should be examined and considered.


This feature is one of the basic things needed to keep the lemon tree healthy. This will help keep the citrus tree strong and will help it stay healthy.

Citrus Trees

These trees are heavy feeders and during the spring and summer months, they will need to be given fertilizer every 4 to 6 weeks. During the winter and fall, the lemon trees will still need to be fertilized once every one to three months. The fertilizer should contain quality nitrogen.


When looking for a fertilizer for a lemon tree the ratio of the nitrogen should be no higher than 8-8-8. This is the N-P-K value that is found on the label. This stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which the chemical symbol is K on the peridoic table.

Citrus Gain Fertilizer

The nutrient ratio in this fertilizer is 8-3-9. It is designed for the needs of citrus plants and it will help improve the health of the roots. This fertilizer can also help the tree produce more lemons. This fertilizer also contains manganese, iron, copper, and zinc which are nutrients that the lemon tree needs.

Jobes Organics

This formula is designed for the needs of the citrus plants. This fertilizer is OMRI certified organic and is granular. It contains biozone and is safe for the environment. Due to the granules it only needs to be applied once every two to three months. This plant food also contains bone meal, feather meals, and manure. It has an N-P-K ration of 3-5-5-. This fertilizer will also help the plant retain water.

Espoma Citrus Plant Food

This fertilizer has a nutrient ratio that is 5-2-6. It is organic and is a slow-release formula, it only needs to be applied to the lemon tree three times a year. This fertilizer is natural and organic. It is recommended by top universities to citrus trees grow and thrive. The formula in this fertilizer has been studied to help make sure the tree will grow.

Earth Blood Meal

The fertilizer has a ration of 13-0-0 and has only one nutrient. It can be used during the spring and the summer months and lightly during the fall and the winter. This fertilizer is organic and has a soluble formula so that the citrus tree can get all of the nutrients that it needs. It has five strains of soil microbes and will help the leaves on the plant grow dark and green.

These are some of the best fertilizers for the lemon tree. These fertilizers have everything that the lemon tree needs to be healthy and to put out fruit,

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