How to wrap a lemon tree for winter

Lemon trees prefer warm climates to thrive. However, when living in an area with harsh winters, you need to take specific steps to shield your lemon tree for winter. The entire process entails insulating your lemon tree in some way to protect it from drastic temperature changes.

Some of the methods that you can use include blankets, soil, ice formation, and heating lamps. Understand that using multiple methods together will get you optimal results. Below is a detailed description of how to wrap a lemon tree for winter.

Step 1: Insulating the base

It would help if you started by insulating the base of your precious lemon tree. You will need to begin by removing mulch from the base. Use a shovel to relocate the mulch to a dry place. I know it sounds odd removing mulch when preparing for winter, but it is a necessary step.

Step 2: Pack topsoil

Once all the mulch is removed, you need to pack topsoil around the entire trunk. Ensure that you get at least a couple of feet up for better results. The topsoil needs to slope upside like a volcano so that the trunk and roots are well insulated.

Understand that soil acts as a good insulator since it absorbs warmth. Your lemon tree will benefit from the increased temperature around the root system and trunk. You need to complete the first two steps before the first winter frost.

Step 3: Wrap a tree blanket at the top

It would help if you now wrapped the top of your lemon tree using a tree blanket. Use the blanket to build a tent-like structure and incorporate a heat lamp. However, ensure that your heat lamp doesn’t touch either the blanket or tree.

You have to be careful during this step because you don’t want to cause a fire or damage your tree. For safety, ensure that you use a ladder to get your blanket over the treetop. In case you have a big lemon tree, ask a friend to assist you.

Step 4: Wrap bandages

You can always wrap bandages in alternating layers around your lemon tree trunk. When you live in areas with mild winters, wrapping bandages may do the trick. You won’t need to use a tree blanket or heat lamp when done correctly.

However, when living in areas with harsh winters, you need to wrap bandages around your tree trunk after step 3. You may also cover the bigger branches to insulate your lemon tree effectively.

Insulating your lemon tree using ice

Did you know that an ice layer around your lemon tree could help insulate from harsh winters? After the first freeze, spray water around the tree and let it freeze. Doing this will help protect your tree through the worst of winter.


Wrapping a lemon tree is the best way of protecting it from harsh winters. Ensure that you carry out the procedure before winter kicks in to get better results. Although you could always use ice, understand that you might damage weaker branches.

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